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Advanced special door engineering

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Protec Industrial Doors contributes to sustainability in various ways.

Worldwide economic developments put great pressure on the environment, resulting in natural resources being exhausted, climate change and pollution.

To be able to give future generations a bright future as well, the consequences of the current investments and developments must already be taken into account now. This is why Protec has applied for the LCA / EPD certificate in 2013.

Protec Industrial Doors can contribute to sustainable building with its doors. These buildings have an extended service life, are often multi functional and allow for great savings on energy costs. For these types of buildings, Protec collaborates with partners that can meet these quality requirements from as early as the design stage.

By means of its product choice, quality checks and innovation standard, Protec already provides a very high quality standard regarding its doors. To give sustainability another boost, it is also possible for Protec to produce the doors up to an Rc value of 6.0. This allows the doors to contribute significantly to the total energy savings and the performance requirement of the building.

The reliability, quality and sustainability of Protec’s doors also results in participation in PPP (Public-Private Partnership) projects, for which it is important that the doors continue to meet the requirements and wishes of the principal for a longer period of 25 to 30 years.