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Advanced special door engineering

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Engineering of special doors & solutions

Protec Industrial Doors not only focuses on highly specific overhead doors with the aim to incorporate certain characteristics, such as burglar resistance, sound insulation, fire resistance, explosion resistance, etc. Through our knowledge of these highly specific market segments, Protec Industrial Doors has also been involved in special development processes for complex issues over the years. This has resulted in the creation of our own engineering /development department, with experienced engineers and architects.

To give you an impression of the possibilities created by this, a few examples are:

  • Allowing façade elements to move at great height
  • Doors that can withstand extremely high wind loads
  • Façade elements made completely of glass
  • Complex drives for façade elements or moving parts
  • Closing off high-maintenance elements in a building
  • Drives for horizontal covers
  • Doors with very high explosion pressure loads
  • Architectural façade elements with a unique design and function
  • Faraday cage doors
  • Hatch cover doors waste treatment plants
  • Large pivot doors with cladding