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Advanced special door engineering

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Protec Industrial Doors

Advanced Special Door Engineering

Manufacturing innovative industrial doors has made Protec Industrial Doors the market leader in the sector in recent years. Development, engineering, advice and manufacturing expertise are Protec’s strong points, whereby ‘listening to the market’ is taken very seriously. The experienced team can always issue a complete customized recommendation. Innovation, knowledge and the advanced production process are the pillars used for Protec’s consultancy and engineering; customer-oriented according to any specification!

The quality guarantee of Protec’s industrial doors is safeguarded by the necessary certificates in accordance with the latest standards and test reports (Peutz, Efectis, TNO, Warrington and SKG) and the CE quality mark, ISO and VCA. All of Protec’s doors meet these strict quality requirements.

Protec Industrial Doors has unlimited possibilities regarding developments and challenges relating to doors, but there are no geographical limits for us either. Protec can provide worldwide advice and deliver your solutions. Our experience allows us to carry out complex projects in-house, but also in partnership with selected resellers if required.

  • In-house production
  • Own tests and certificates
  • Installers
  • Service department
  • Engineering