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The Ziggo Dome Amsterdam

Ziggo Dome acoustic doors

The Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam is the Netherland’s newest music venue next to the Amsterdam Arena. It is a concert location at which major national (e.g. Marco Borsato, Radio538xl) and international artists (Madonna, Sting, Lady Gaga, Tiesto) choose to perform. The Ziggo Dome is designed to offer the best acoustics and sightlines to both the audience and the artists. It is a large venue, yet still intimate. Protec Industrial Doors collaborated with the client, the building contractor and the architect to ensure that the Ziggo Dome acoustic doors also promote top-quality acoustics. The sound-absorbing overhead doors help to optimise the acoustics in the huge arena, and to reduce sound from both the storage area to the arena and vice versa. The overhead doors also ensure optimum use of the storage area and improve logistics during the construction and dismantling of the stage.