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Advanced special door engineering

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Special doors

The-shard-londen - special doors glass, drives & engineering

Special doors – A solution for every situation!

Due to the constantly growing demand for special door solutions, many projects involving special doors have by now been completed. To give you an impression of the possibilities that Protec Industrial Doors can offer you in the field of movable closures, you can make a selection below.


Developed by design

By now, Protec Industrial Doors has proved that not every door has to match the standard solutions on the ...
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Special designed doors Pas Reform

Façade elements

The special doors make an architectural design of a façade or building look very attractive. From the early ...
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The-shard-londen - special doors glass, drives & engineering

Drives & Engineering

Apart from expertise relating to special doors, Protec Industrial Doors can also advise you on complete ...
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