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Sound-insulating doors

acoustic_doors - soundproof test

The sound-insulating overhead door

The quality of life requires increasingly strict standards; Companies and institutions have strict requirements for sound insulation to protect people and/or the environment. This means that sound insulation and preventing sound pollution are becoming more and more important. Protec’s sound-insulating doors meet the latest standards and were recently tested by Peutz. Protec has sound-insulating overhead doors with Rw values of 38 dB, 45 dB and 50 dB; all of these are certified by Peutz in accordance with ISO 140-3: 1995. If you wish to prepare a report for the acoustics and sound insulation of your project with our doors, please contact us for the test results for the various frequencies (Hz) with the associated sound insulation (Rw, C and Ctr).

Certification & legislation

The sound-insulating overhead doors have been tested and certified by Peutz as complete door structures and not only the panels. In collaboration with the Protec engineers and an acoustic consultancy, such as Peutz, the certified sound-insulating overhead doors can be modified to suit any desired sound-level (dB), Sound Transmission Class (STC) and the required octave bands. This makes it possible to develop and produce sound-insulating doors that attenuate extra high or low tones.

Practical application

Examples of buildings where the sound-insulating overhead doors are applied include cultural centres, energy plants, sewage treatment plants, testing rooms, theatres, music venues, casings and industries where sound plays an important role. There is no limitation regarding use or field of application. Even use of a Protec sound-insulating overhead door in an outer wall is no problem at all.

Combination options

It is also possible to use the sound-insulating door in areas and/or outer walls for which also fire-safety requirements are set. The sound-insulating door has also been tested for its fire-resistant properties according to EN 1634-1 and has a classification EI1-60, or in other words, two properties in one combined door solution. In order to take away your worries and supply you with all types of doors as an overall supplier, Protec also has sound-insulating and fire-resistant hinged doors in its product range.

Legislation and regulation: Regulations sound insulation

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acoustic_doors - soundproof test

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