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Security doors

Burglar resistant overhead doors

Security overhead doors

Burglar resistance is subject to increasingly strict requirements, so the security doors have to be tested and certified in accordance with the European standard. From various market parties, including several units of the armed forces, the demand for burglar resistance for industrial doors is increasing. Depending on the requirements set, Protec’s security doors are modified and produced so that they can meet the safety requirements and the resistance class set (EN1627 RC2 – RC6 or LPS 1175 SR2-SR8 ) for the burglar-proof properties. Due to our high level of experience and knowledge, specific wishes are achievable, even within the standard.

Certification & legislation

The burglar-proof overhead doors can be produced and supplied in accordance with the European standard, EN 1627. Protec has tested its doors based on this standard with various resistance classes (RC2-RC6) and is certified by SKG; this also applies to doors with windows. There are also options for supplying doors based on a standard even stricter than the basic standard EN 1627. This requirement, which is even stricter than the resistance class 6 standard, is often required by the armed forces and banking institutions, among others. Resistance class 6 standard is almost comparable to the security rating 8 (SR8) according to LPS 1175.

Practical application

Security doors are highly suitable in buildings where safety plays an important role. These security doors function in the same way as a regular standard overhead door. Insurance companies, developers and building owners also require increasingly high levels of burglar resistance in order to keep trespassers outside.

Combination options

Our flexible production process and the various additional tests allow us to combine the security doors with:

  • Fire-resistant properties
  • Sound-insulating properties
  • Liquid-retention barrier integrated in the door
  • Architectural properties/appearance
  • Explosion resistance
  • Blast proof doors
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)  to control unwanted effects of EMI/RFI shielding
  • Specific Tempest classifications

Legislation and regulation: Regulations for burglar-proof

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