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Highly insulating doors (Rc value)

sound-insulating doors & Highly insulating doors (Rc value)

Thermally insulated overhead door

Protec’s thermally insulated overhead door is the insulated industrial overhead door with an extra high Rc value. It is suitable for various types of commercial buildings, such as distribution centres, warehouses, production sites or in industry. These overhead doors are suitable for daily use. The highly insulating doors can be produced with an Rc value of up to 6.0 m²K/W; please contact us if you require an even higher value. Thanks to the insulation, the overhead door can contribute significantly to the overall energy savings and the performance requirement and environmental standards of the building.

Due to their highly insulating properties, Protec’s overhead doors already have a different standard thickness than regular overhead doors on the market. The overhead doors consist of panels with a thickness of 100 mm to 260 mm. Depending on the function and requirements, the thickness of the panels may be increased even more. These modifications give the panels greater stiffness and already allow solutions for larger apertures of up to 13 metres as standard. If the door size has to be wider that 13 metres, we will use the hangar door type.

In our own production facility with state-of-the-art machines and production methods, the overhead doors can be modified to suit the various wishes and requirements of the client. The highly insulating doors can be designed with different types of plating apart from the standard stucco design, such as stainless steel, thicker plating, flat steel sheeting and aluminium. The options described above can also be combined. The industrial overhead doors can also be fitted with various options that you may require, for example: glazing (full glass), controls, wicket door, colour, etc.

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sound-insulating doors & Highly insulating doors (Rc value)

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