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Fire doors

Brandwerende overheaddeur na afloop test EN1634-1 bij Efectis

Fire-resistant overhead door

The requirements for fire doors are becoming increasingly strict. The fire safety standards are being tightened more and more, and Protec Industrial Doors continues to innovate and develop. The fire-resistant overhead door functions in the same way as a regular standard overhead door, both in the outer wall and in partition walls. Protec stands for full certification, tailored to the wishes and requirements of the principal, and the application needs of the end user. You shouldn’t take any risks with fire safety!

Certification & legislation fire doors

Protec’s fire resistant overhead door is tested and certified in accordance with current European regulations, EN 1634-1. The fire door has the highest possible classification, EI1, in accordance with NEN-EN 13501-2.

Practical application

The fire doors are mainly used in storage areas for hazardous substances, explosion-proof and explosion-resistant environments.

Combination options

Our flexible production process and the various additional tests allow us to combine the fire doors with various wishes and requirements, such as:

  • acoustic properties
  • burglar resistance
  • explosion resistance
  • explosion safety/ATEX
  • liquid-retention barrier integrated in the door
  • gas-tight, for example, in the event of CO2 extinguishing

Legislation and regulation: Regulations fire doors

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