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Advanced special door engineering

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Doors and solutions

This page presents an overview of the various types of doors and solutions. By clicking the link below the picture, you will be taken to the product page of the doors or solutions in question.

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The-shard-londen - special doors glass, drives & engineering

Special doors

Due to the constantly growing demand for special door solutions, many projects involving special doors have ...
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Brandwerende overheaddeur na afloop test EN1634-1 bij Efectis

Fire doors

The requirements for fire doors are becoming increasingly strict. The fire safety standards are being ...
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acoustic_doors - soundproof test

Sound-insulating doors

The quality of life requires increasingly strict standards; Companies and institutions have strict ...
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Burglar resistant overhead doors

Security doors

Burglar resistance is subject to increasingly strict requirements, so the security doors have to be tested ...
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Explosion safety & ATEX

Explosion safety – ATEX

Explosion safety is a specialist area of expertise with a high level of risk. The application of ...
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Explosion resistant doors Protec

Blast proof doors

Protec Industrial Doors develops and produces blast proof doors. These doors can withstand pressure loads ...
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Liquid-retention barrier


All doors can be designed with liquid retention barriers. The liquid barrier has been developed in such a ...
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Security hangar doors - burglar proof - Dutch Army

Hangar doors

The insulated hangar overhead door from Protec Industrial Doors is highly suitable for large apertures. ...
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Bullet proof test

Bulletproof doors

These days, society worldwide sometimes requires additional measures regarding the safety of people and ...
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sound-insulating doors & Highly insulating doors (Rc value)

Highly insulating doors (Rc value)

Protec’s thermally insulated overhead door is the insulated industrial overhead door with an extra high Rc ...
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Hinged doors

Hinged doors

In terms of price and certification, the various specific hinged doors of Protec Industrial Doors are ...
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Special combined doors

Combined doors

Do you wish to combine various properties and requirements in a single door solution? Simply contact us for ...
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